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The Sex Life of Jack-in-the-Pulpit

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By: Maryann Whitman It’s often said that the Jack-in-the-pulpit changes its sex as it ages. Is that really true?  Jack-in-the-pulpit (Arisaema triphyllum), was among the first plants that I started from seed, under the tutelage of Roberta Case. (Some members of the Michigan Chapters of wild Ones may remember Roberta Case “Boots,” who passed away more »

Wild Ones Honorary Director

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We are sorry to have to pass this information along, but Dr. Tom Barnes has passed away. For those of you who got to meet him at this August’s conference weekend, we you were as inspired as we were by getting to know him. He will certainly be missed by the Kentucky community, but he will also more »

Wild Ones 2014 Photo Contest Winners

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Our 2014 photo contest was a great success with 137 entries this year. The winners were selected by photo journalist Michael Jeffords. The people’s choice was voted on by our members. Congratulations to all our photographers! Child or Children category winners         Flora category winners             Kid’s more »

How Plants & Animals Survive the Cold

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As the weather turns colder, plants and animals get ready for winter. Some deciduous trees, such as maples, oaks and elms, drop their leaves in fall. Evergreen trees keep their needles, but the needles do not grow over winter. Some birds, like Robbins and Red-winged Blackbirds, fly south, where it is warmer, to find food. more »

Red-Osier Dogwood

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(Cornus sericea, aka Cornus stolonifera) Fall means birds are on the move. Some species are making short-distant trips in preparation for our uncertain winter. Others are preparing for remarkable journeys to places as far away as South America. Dogwoods are beautiful plants, particularly to the birds that, depending upon the season, will find the shrub more »