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Study Nature for Your Garden Design

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“Nature is the ultimate model for us to follow,” Colston Burrell, garden designer, lecturer, author and photographer suggested. “Everything in nature has its own carefully selected place. Native plants locate according to their needs for rich or sparse nutrients, warm or cool temperatures, quiet or turbulent air, dry or moist soil, and their need for more »

Designing a Naturalistic Landscape

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By Karma Grotelueschen Naturalistic landscaping goes beyond aesthetics and function. It includes the creation of spaces for the use and enjoyment of people while at the same time being environmentally responsible by sing native plants and providing habitat for birds, animals and insects. In any endeavor, quality comes from carefully planning before doing. Naturalistic landscaping more »

Grow it! Don’t Mow it

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Bret Rappaport is a past president of Wild Ones and a member of the Lake to Prairie (IL) chapter. This article 1st appeared December, 2014 and because it was popular then we are running it again. The economic progress that followed our Civil War brought ecological regress in its wake. We plowed up the prairies, more »

Symphony of the Soil

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To launch the UN’s International Year of the Soils, the amazing documentary Symphony of the Soil produced by Deborah Koons Garcia is available for viewing at no charge through December 12. Not only is the photography beautiful, but the people in the film who speak to the various functions and the importance of soil in creating a healthy planet more »

Why Wild Ones?

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By Portia Brown As more and more of us acknowledge the value of environmental stewardship, we seek ways to help. We may contribute to organizations that work to protect the natural world in a wide variety of ways and places. Many of these groups tackle highly significant “big picture” issues, like saving sacred places such more »

Wild Ones 2015 Calendar Now Available!

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Wild Ones 2015 calendar featuring pictures from Wild Ones 2014 Photo Contest is now available. We have a limited supply so order yours today!  Published using recycled paper and an eco-friendly printing process, it is 8 1/2 x 11 folded and opens to 17 x 11.  S&h included in price.  $12.00 each.  6 calendars for $60.00  wild-ones-2015-calendar/

Toward Harmony with Nature Conference

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Registration flyers for the 19th Annual TOWARD HARMONY WITH NATURE Conference, a day-long seminar on native landscaping presented by Wild Ones Fox Valley Area which will be held on January 24, 2015 are now available.  The conference will be held at the Oshkosh Convention Center, Oshkosh, WI. Keynote speaker Dr Stanley Temple, Senior Fellow with the Aldo more »

Are Deer Overeating in YOUR Garden?

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By submitted Sonia Uyterhoeven Although this article refers to Massachusetts, gardeners in many parts of the United States are struggling to deal with what seems to be ever-increasing, tame, urban herds of deer. When I was growing up, there were only a few occasions when we spotted a deer. These were magical moments: we crept more »

Native Plants Seldom Damaged by Deer

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Editor’s note: Many of the plants on this list grow throughout the eastern states and the Midwest. Similar information for other regions of North America is often available from park departments, natural resource departments, native plant nurseries, and Wild Ones members. Some plant families included here, such as tansy, include both natives (Tanacetum huronenese, Huron more »