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Roadside Resources

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Reference Pollinator Roadsides Provision Funded post. Ohio DOT has been doing IVM for sometime already.  We thought their recent webinar on “The Economic and Ecological Effects of Roadside Mowing” might be on interest to you.  It provides some good information for you to use with your own local highway maintenance crews. Another good resource is the more »

Pollinator Roadsides Provision Funded

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Reference Wild Ones post One Step Forward for Pollinators  The provision encouraging pollinator habitat along roadsides stayed in the FAST Act and was overwhelming approved by both House and Senate and signed into law Friday, Dec 4th by President Obama.  That means government will continue to develop more habitat for pollinators and has provided for funding more »

For the Birds

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Collisions with glass windows kill millions of birds each year.  American Bird Conservancy’s (ABC) Bird-Smart Glass Program offers some solutions to help homeowners prevent collisions. But there’s more to keeping birds safe. “Creating bird-friendly yards are also important” says Wild One Mariette Nowak. Our native birds evolved with native plants so they depend upon native landscaping not only for food, but more »