Helping a Teacher with an SFE Grant Application

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At this time of year, many schoolteachers and leaders of youth groups (4-H, scouts, religious groups, etc.) are putting the final touches on their applications for the Seeds for Education grant program. (Grant applications are due on October 15.) We encourage applicants to confer with their local Wild Ones chapter, with a Wild Ones Nursery Partner, or with someone else with knowledge of native plants and soils in their specific locality before submitting their application.

If you are the person helping with this, here are some guidelines and suggestions:

  1. The grant application must be complete. All questions must be answered, and the required site sketches or diagrams must be provided.
  2. A complete plant list must be included (question 7B.) Plants must be native to the project locality (usually this means the county) and appropriate to the soils, sun/shade and moisture of the project site. Cultivars, edible plants of Eurasian origins, and horticultural species are not appropriate and will disqualify a grant application.
  3. Potential plant sources (question 8) will usually be nurseries that specialize in native plants that are located in the same state or eco-region as the project. Such nurseries are available in most areas of the United States. Potential applicants are welcome to contact us if they are having difficulty finding appropriate sources in their area.

Watch for more suggestions coming soon.

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