Birdscaping in the Midwest


Birdscaping in the Midwest:
A Guide to Gardening with Native Plants to Attract Birds

By Mariette Nowak


Product Description

A Guide to Gardening with Native Plants to Attract Birds

By Mariette Nowak Most of the examples of planting in this book are from yards of Wild Ones members, so it would be fair to say that this is a book about landscaping ideas encouraged by Wild Ones. I would go a step further and call this a very well-illustrated “textbook” for Wild Ones in the Midwest. – Maryann Whitman, “Wild Ones Journal” editor.

In this remarkable book, author Mariette Nowak takes the reader step by step along the path toward habitat restoration. While the focus is on bird habitat, all the other associated animals and plants will benefit equally from these restorations. Indeed, birds are considered barometers of the health of an ecosystem, and as birds increase or decrease, so also do all other species within that ecosystem.

This wonderfully readable and richly detailed book will serve as an indispensable reference for Midwestern gardeners wishing to leave such a legacy. Unlike books that are national in scope, this one presents valuable information specific to the Midwest and its native flora and fauna. Every region of our country needs its own guide of this kind.

The book is signed by the author, Mariette Nowak, the retired director of Milwaukee County’s Wehr Nature Center, in East Troy, Wisconsin. She now serves on the boards of the Wisconsin Society of Ornithology and the Land Trust of Walworth County and was Vice President of Wild Ones and Editor-in-Chief of the “Wild Ones Journal.”

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