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2017 Annual Appeal

We all know you can’t get there if you don’t know where you want to go. So we studied the roadmap and took the best route. Along the way, we repaired our financial engine and rebuilt key infrastructure.

Finance and staffing shortfalls slowed our speed, but did not block the way. 

Sometimes, there just aren’t any shortcuts. We’ve set our 2018 destination on sharply improving chapter support. That means roadwork on the Members Only site and strengthening the chapter toolkit.

And, as always, we will be seeking new ways to spread the word throughout the nation that native landscapes improve lives – of all beings.

Your help is critical in “filling the tank.”

Your support determines how fast – and how far – Wild Ones will get down the road.

Two-thirds of Wild Ones’ budget is from dues. Your support will help “fill the tank.” Whether you give a single donation or support Wild Ones with recurring payments, you will make a very large difference.

Improved day-to-day chapter and member service. We want chapters to have all the tools needed to support members and the Wild Ones mission. And, those tools must be more accurate and faster.

Upgraded technology. This year, we must renovate our old, balky office and computer systems. Volunteers have used baling wire and gum to keep the current antique system running, but we have to get a new 21st century engine. 

Adequate reserves. We’ve operated too long with no spare parts to protect us from a major calamity. We must have a cushion to protect our long-term financial  stability. 

HOW? Consider all that Wild Ones has done for you and all that you would like it to be in the future. Then, click the Donate button to “fill the tank” for 2018. Please do so before Dec. 31, so we can determine how fast – and how far – we can drive.

make your contribution even larger if your company matches donations to nonprofits. (Ask your human resources department.) Last year, several members doubled their donations this way.

encourage others to join the native landscaping movement by gifting Wild Ones memberships to family, friends, co-workers, fellow gardeners or other likely supporters.

Thank you!

You are the reason Wild Ones will prosper. We are grateful for your support and commitment to our very important mission.

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