Seeds for Education Grant Program

SFE Highlights!

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Would you like to

  • Attract songbirds and butterflies to your schoolyard with wildflowers and native grasses.
  • Add opportunities for hands-on science in biology, ecology and earth science.
  • Reduce energy consumption and improve storm water management; enhance sustainability and green-school certification.

Teachers and students across the US are expanding learning opportunities by enhancing their schoolyards with butterfly gardens, nature trails, prairies, woodland wildflower preserves, and similar projects. These projects enrich the learning environment and provide aesthetic and environmental benefits.

By planning, establishing and maintaining such projects, students learn valuable life skills – including patience and teamwork. They can engage parents and the wider community in a project they can point to with pride for years to come.

We offer assistance for all aspects of such projects. Cash grants under $500 are available for plants and seeds, and in-kind donations from Nursery Partners can help stretch these dollars. We can help you locate experts and information specific to your area – anywhere in the US. In the past decade, we’ve supported over a thousand such projects, and we can use this experience to help you.

Applications for awards for next year are due October 15th.  Please contact us if you have any questions.

I have an idea or have already started a project – do I qualify for funding?
I like these ideas – how do I start a project?
I have a project started, but am having some problems – where can I get help?

Electronic Applications for SFE Grant Awards

Applicants must submit an electronic application by October 15th of the year prior to the grant year. Notification of awards will be made by February 15th of the grant year.

Please read the cover letter and instructions (pdf) and double-check before sending the SFE Grant Application.

Click here to download the SFE-Application (pdf). This is a PDF fill-in form that you can complete off-line and return by email.  Save the form to your computer, then fill it out. Do not use a tablet or smart phone.

Note: do not use the preview mode available on some browsers. You must use Adobe Reader to fill-in this form. We apologize for our limited technology.

Click to download Adobe Reader.  Here is a copy of the application in a Word file if you have problems with the Adobe form SFE Grant Application.docx.

Once your project has been judged favorably and awarded a SFE grant, you will be expected to complete a progress report by February 15th of the year following the grant award.  To download a copy of the report, click here SFE Progress Report.