2017 State of the Chapter Report

Summary of Year: [text* year]

Your Name: [text* your-name]

Your Email: [email* your-email]

Chapter Name: [text* chapter-name]

Ave. number of members at meetings: [text members]

How many non-members: [text nonmembers]

Highlights–Tell about the highlight(s) among your Chapter’s activities.
[textarea highlights]

What are your most effective membership development tactics? Member retention tactics?
[textarea membership-tactics]

If your chapter uses social media please explain which ones and how effective you found them to be:
[textarea social-media]

Partnerships–Tell about any organizations of which your Chapter is a member, or with which you developed or continued a relationship during the past year
[textarea partnerships]

Donations–Explain the significance for any donations/gifts/grants/scholarships your Chapter awarded:
[textarea donations]

Wild for Monarchs–Please describe your activities related to the Wild for Monarch and Citizen Science programs. Include information on collecting milkweed seed, purchase of milkweed plants for plant sales, monitoring monarchs, development of community native plant butterfly gardens or habitats, any programs, speakers, displays, event participation and affiliations you have generated to increase habitat for monarchs:
[textarea wfm]

If your chapter was awarded a grant this year, please provide an update of the status of completion including timetable, income and expenses
[textarea grants]

Attach this year’s program list:
[file programlist]

If you have any problems uploading the program list, you can email it directly to Wild Ones at execdirector@wildones.org

Next Year’s Chapter Board

President: [text president]

Contact: [text contact]

Vice President: [text vicepresident]

Secretary: [text secretary]

Treasurer: [text treasurer]

Membership Chair: [text membership]

Web Chair: [text web]

Other Officers
[textarea OtherOfficers]

1099s must be sent to all non-employees (contractors/speakers) that Wild Ones pays $600 or more during the year. Please list any contractors with contact information that should be mailed a 1099. The national office will mail all 1099s.

[textarea contractors]

Please list any speaker that you paid during the year and the amount that was paid. We will combine this information to see if any speaker was paid $600 or more across multiple chapters.

Paid speakers
[textarea paidspeakers]

List the five board-approved organizations to receive complimentary memberships for the next year (i.e., such as libraries, parks departments, educational facilities or news media). If these are new listings from previous years, please include contact name, organization name, address and email.

1. [text comp1]

2. [text comp2]

3. [text comp3]

4. [text comp4]

5. [text comp5]

To protect the integrity of the Wild Ones organization and its volunteers and staff, I hereby acknowledge that I have discussed with my board the current Wild Ones Conflict of Interest policy and have reminded them that we all need to abide by established policies and the bylaws. They have also been encouraged to disclose any interests in a transaction or decision where they (including their business or other nonprofit affiliation), their family and/or their significant other, employer, or close associates will receive a benefit or gain.

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