Chiwaukee Prairie in Wisconsin

Affiliate Membership

The Affiliate membership level is intended to recognize both

  • the nonprofit and municipal organizations as well as
  • the educators and professionals in the field of natural landscaping

who have missions related to the Wild Ones mission. Currently, membership benefits related to this membership include, in addition to the usual Household Membership benefits:

  • Acknowledgment of new or renewing Affiliate membership in the Wild Ones Journal.
  • Annual listing of membership along with all Affiliate memberships in Wild Ones Journal Yellow Pages.
  • Participation in local chapter events by all Affiliate staff.
  • Supply of Wild Ones brochures and other promotional materials.
  • Listing on the Wild Ones web site, under the Affiliate Member Resource Listing, if they so desire.

This membership in Wild Ones enables us to show others that we are united in the support of missions will grow, communicate, and educate the public about the benefits of native plants and natural landscaping as well as the need to maintain biodiversity. You are able to show your affiliation with Wild Ones through the use of our logo.

Wild, Wilder, and Wildest Memberships

Every Wild Ones membership is Wild. Whether a long-time member or your first day in the organization, we’re all Wild and share a strong interest in native plants and natural landscaping.  All members are entitled to access to the Top 18 Wild Ones Journal articles as our thank you for their support of our Wild Ones mission.

But some Wild Ones memberships are more Wild than others. 

  • Wilder members include a contribution with their memberships, because they believe in supporting the work of Wild Ones.
  • Wildest members are the most Wild of all. They are happy to include an even higher level of contribution to ensure the long-term mission of Wild Ones.

Tangible benefits are the same for Wild, Wilder, and Wildest – but Wilder and Wildest members somehow manage to get the most out of their memberships.

All memberships are 100% tax deductible.

Make your tax-deductible gift to support Wild Ones in 2017! Go to the Annual Appeal button and make a donation! Dismiss