When Cities Grow Wild - Natural Landscaping from an Urban Planning Perspective

by John Ingram

Table of Contents

1.0 Introduction

2.0 Natural Landscaping: An Introduction

2.1 The Problem with Conventional Urban Landscapes

2.2 Natural Landscaping: A New Landscape Ethic?

2.3 Conclusions

3.0 Municipalities and Natural Landscaping: Other Initiatives

3.1 Natural Landscaping on Private Property

3.2 The Public Realm and Natural Landscaping

3.3 Conclusions

4.0 Natural Landscaping and Halifax: Barriers and Opportunities

4.1 Halifax's Urban Landscape: An Overview

4.2 Legislative, Regulatory and Policy Opportunities and Barriers

4.3 Informational, Attitudinal and Bureaucratic Opportunities and Barriers

4.4 Analysis and Observations

4.5 Conclusions and Recommendations

5.0 Conclusions

6.0 End Notes

7.0 References

Appendix 1: Natural Landscaping Cost Comparisons

Appendix 2: Natural Landscaping By-laws & Ordinances

Appendix 3: Roadside Natural Landscaping Site Selection

Appendix 4: Conventional Lawn Care Health Effects

List of Tables

Table 2.0 Urban Sustainability: A Landscape Connection

Table 2.1 Native Landscape Treatment Costs

Table 2.2 Overview of Natural Landscaping Applications

Table 3.0 The Myths and Facts of Natural Landscaping

Table 3.1 Federal Memorandum on Environmentally Beneficial Landscaping

Table 3.2 City of Tucson Landscaping Requirements

Table 4.0 Barriers and Opportunities for Natural Landscaping in HRM

Table 4.1 The Pathway to a Sustainable Natural Landscaping

List of Figures

Figure 1.0 Natural Landscaping in the Suburbs

Figure 1.1 Natural Landscaping in the City

Figure 2.0 The Conventionally Landscaped Park

Figure 2.1 The Urban Landscape

Figure 2.2 Creek, Before Natural Landscaping

Figure 2.3 Creek, After Natural Landscaping

Figure 2.4 Urban Wetland, Chicago

Figure 2.5 Perceived Care in Landscapes

Figure 2.6 Natural Landscaping , Park Applications

Figure 2.7 Natural Landscaping, Streetside Applications

Figure 2.8 Seeing the Landscape Despite the Suburbs

Figure 3.0 Sandy Bell, her son and her Naturally Landscaped Property

Figure 3.1 Border Setbacks for Naturally Landscaped Properties

Figure 3.2 AT&T, Corporate Natural Landscaping

Figure 3.3 Suburban Wetland

Figure 3.4 Highway Roadside Naturalization, Wisconsin

Figure 3.5 Naturalized Boulevard, Tucson

Figure 3.6 Toronto Parkland Naturalization Compendium

Figure 3.7 Naturalized Park, Toronto

Figure 3.8 Naturalized Boulevard, North Vancouver

Figure 3.9 Boulevard Naturalization, Vancouver

Figure 3.10 Naturally Landscaped Traffic Circle, Vancouver

Figure 3.11 Conventional Suburban Landscaping

Figure 3.12 Tucson Subdivision

Figure 3.13 Halifax Boulevard, Unintentional Naturalization

Figure 3.14 Naturally Landscaped Cul-de-Sac

Figure 4.0 Hydrostone Neighbourhood

Figure 4.1 City of Halifax Parkland Strategy

Figure 7.0 Suburban Retrofit, Ontario

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