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Weeding Out Bad Vegetation Control Ordinances

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Bret Rappaport and Bevin Horn (This article originally appeared in Restoration and Management Notes, volume 16, number 1, 1998.) The telephone calls don’t come as often as before. That’s good. Back in the late ‘80s and early ‘90s maybe once a week, I (Bret) would field a homeowner’s call, maybe from Sarasota, maybe Seattle, asking more »

Weed Laws and Ordinances

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Wild Ones supports weed laws that promote responsible native plant landscaping. This information is presented to assist you in your struggle to overcome non-sustainable ordinances and biases against native plants and natural landscaping. Banning Lawns Schindler, Banning Lawns (2014) – Here is an excellent article recommended by Wild Ones Counsel Bret Rappaport as a great read more »

You Don’t Have to Fight City Hall

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Realizing that municipalities have an obligation to promote and encourage native landscaping is the first step in getting what you want. Your job (our job) is to show local governments how and why native landscaping is good for everyone so they’ll stop working against us and start working with us (Part 1). By Bret Rappaport more »