Members of Distinction

Naturalist Lorrie Otto, on whose principles Wild Ones was founded, reminded us that “we do not inherit the earth from our ancestors, but rather borrow it from our descendants.”   Lorrie’s words aptly summarize the life and legacy of many special people who call or have called themselves Wild Ones. In the last couple of decades, the natural landscaping movement has taken took root and spread from coast to coast because of these very special stewards.

Lorrie Otto
Maryann Whitman
Peter Oberhauser
Sara Stein
Janice Stiefel – Wild Ones Steward
Betty Czarapata
Shooting Star – Dot Wade
Shooting Star – Rod Myers
Shooting Star – Olive Thomson
Shooting Star – Donna VanBuecken
Shooting Star – Rochelle Whiteman
Shooting Star – Barbara Glass
Shooting Star – Katherine Rill
Shooting Star – Pat Armstrong
Shooting Star – Diane Powelka