Lorrie Otto Books

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Date Articles & Books – Lorrie Otto Author Publication/Publisher
25-Oct-78 Pasatiempo – Cheetahs – Gas Lights Lorrie Otto WHA-FM Radio Program
13-Jun-79 Dandelions Lorrie Otto WHA-FM Radio Program
1980 Notes from The Energy Underground Lorrie Otto Van Nostrand Reinhold
2-Jun-80 Sisyphus and the Lawn Boy Melvin Maddocks The Christian Science Monitor
1-Jul-81 Joe-Pye-Weed is Always Taller in the Other Person’s Yard Ted Williams Audubon Magazine
1982 A Gallery of Natural Landscapes Carol A. Smyser Nature’s Design: A Practical Guide to Natural Landscaping – Rodale
1984 Landscaping with Wildflowers and Native Plants Lorrie Otto – Consultant Ortho Books
1984 The American Woman’s Garden Verey & Samuels Little Brown & Company
14-Jun-84 Profile Modesto Argenio The Buffalo News (New York)
1987 Home Lawns Gone Native Curt Pendergast Time-Life 1987 Gardening Yearbook
24-Mar-89 Wild Things: Let Them All Grow Naturally Joanne Demski Milwaukee Sentinel
Nov. – Dec. 1989 Surrendering to the Native Moira Patterson Garden
1989 A Pure Prairie Garden Successful Flower Gardening – Otho Books
1990 Prairie Gardens Ogden Tanner Gardening America – Viking Studio Books
Mar-90 Natural Landscaping for Your Birding Garden Marion J. Patterson Wildbird
13-May-90 Must Suburbia Shatter Another Frail Ecosystem? Lorrie Otto The Milwaukee Journal
16-Aug-90 A Natural – Their Yards Grow Wild Doris Kaun Brookfield News-Elm Leaves
27-Aug-90 Letting the Lawn Run Wild Kulula Glastris U.S. News & World Report
13-Jun-05 Bayside Environmental Activist Awarded Robert Mullins Community Herald (Milwaukee suburban paper)
Apr-91 Lorrie Otto to Receive National Honor The Milwaukee Journal
Apr-91 Gardening to Save the Planet Cate Miller Shepherd Express (Milwaukee)
17-Apr-91 Mowers, Growers Now Quarreling Over the Back Fence Pamela Sebastian Wall Street Journal
1-Apr-92 The Truth About Spring Catherine McGarry Miller Milwaukee Magazine
1-May-92 To Mow or Not to Mow William Bryant Logan House & Garden
28-Jun-92 The Blooming of Lorrie Otto Paul G. Hayes The Milwaukee Journal Magazine
1992 School Meadow is on the Line Shirley Steven Community Herald (Milwaukee suburban paper)
1992 Prairies Jim Wilson Landscaping with Wildflowers – Houghton Mifflin
1994 Grasslands Ken Druse The Natural Habitat Garden – Clarkson Potter Publishers
Sept – Oct. 1994 Lorrie Otto: What I Tell People Is, Try to Make a Difference Wisconsin Trails
14-Apr-95 Lawn Goodbyes: Labor-Intensive Mainstay Losing Ground Jim Auchmutey The Atlanta Constitution
14-May-95 Fostering Clear Air Through Environmental Laws Erika Duncan The New York Times
3-Aug-95 Where the Wild Things Are Linda Clerkin City Edition (Metro Milwaukee)
Fall 1995 Working with Nature Transforms Children’s Attitudes Wanda Davies Mothering
The Midwest: Prairie Gardens Gardening America
April – May 1996 Godmother of Natural Landscaping Bret Rappaport National Wildlife
Autumn 1996 Lorrie Otto – Poem Rochelle Whiteman Wildflower
Autumn 1996 Lorrie Otto & the Natural Landscaping Movement Bret Rappaport Wildflower
25-Sep-97 Bayside Personality: Lorrie Otto Eileen Gosman Fox Point, Bayside, River Hills Herald
9-Oct-97 Students Help Salvage Plants from Prairie Gary Rummler Milwaukee Journal Sentinel
Fall 1997 The Notch Effect, a Prairie in a Boulevard in Milwaukee
Dec-97 Naturalistic and Native Plant Gardens in North America Helen Shaw Winston Churchill Fellow Award
1997 – 1998 Eco-Pioneers Steve Lerner
Aug-99 Queen of the Prairie Jan Uebelherr Lifestyle – Milwaukee Journal Sentinel
2001 CNRS, DDT and Me Lorrie Otto 1951-2001 CNRA – The First 50 Years
Nov. – Dec. 2001 Children’s Natural Architecture Lorrie Otto Wild Ones Journal
Summer 2002 Painting a Garden Lorrie Otto Wildflower
2002 Beyond Home Landscapes Sally Wasowski Gardening with Prairie Plants – University of Minnesota Press
Jan. 2003 Gardener’s Almanac Lorrie Otto House & Garden
Feb-03 Biography of Lorrie Fine Gardening Magazine
March – April 2003 Rainy-Day Gardens Lorrie Otto The American Gardener
Jul-03 A Midwesterner’s Homegrown Prairie Susan Heeger Martha Stewart Living