Chapter Startup Information

Organizing a Wild Ones Chapter

Organizing a Wild Ones chapter is a great way to get together with friendly, knowledgeable people who share your interest in native plants and natural landscaping. Start by reading the basic information on this page, and then (when you’re ready) you can check out more detailed information in the Chapter Start-up Kit, which includes everything you’ll need to really get started. Feel free to contact the Wild Ones Executive Director for help getting started either via e-mail at or via phone at 920-730-3986.

Chapters form in a variety of ways. Several Wild Ones chapters started in a university environment. Others have evolved from an existing organization such as a garden club or a group of nature center volunteers, and some were started simply by a few people who were interested in natural landscaping and sharing their interest with the public. A great source of assistance is your local county extension agent.

As the hub of the organization, the national headquarters staff will provide support, guidance and information to help you form a viable group in your area. Enclosed in the Chapter Start-up Kit are basic chapter guidelines, program ideas, and promotional pieces to help you get started.

Keeping in Touch

Please keep the Executive Director informed of your progress. Once you’ve notified him or her of your desire to start a Wild Ones chapter, the Executive Director will want to know what you’d like to call your “seedling” chapter and if you’d like your name listed as a contact person in our Wild Ones Journal. We can can contact partner-at-large (PAL) members in your area to let them know of your campaign. As you meet with people and they become members of Wild Ones, you will receive a membership report with their names and contact information. It will be necessary for you to let the Executive Director know to whom to send the information.

We will list your startup chapter name, location and basic contact information under the Chapter listing on the national website so potential members can contact you directly. 

Chartering your Chapter

To charter your seedling chapter you must have ten paid memberships, commitments for the four officer positions (president, vice-president, secretary, and treasurer) and a planned schedule of twelve educational activities for the first year.

As you establish your board, let the Executive Director know and he or she can make arrangements for you to access the Chapter Guidebook, which will answer all your questions and more about a functioning Wild Ones chapter.

As you become organized, complete the information listed on the Information Sheet in the Chapter Start-up Kit and return it as indicated. When your chapter is chartered, your entire board will be given access to the online Chapters Only section of the Wild Ones website which will enable you to view the Wild Ones Chapter Guidebook containing policies, bylaws, program ideas and a variety of other information that will help your chapter grow.

Please feel free to contact the Executive Director if you have any questions about the materials or procedures.

Good luck with your Wild Ones chapter start up. Call if you have questions, and please don’t forget to stay in touch!

Check out our more detailed Chapter Start-up Kit which includes everything you’ll need to really get started.