Wild Ones Chapters

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Locate A Chapter

Our chapters serve as the link for Wild Ones’ efforts in the local community. Click a link to your state below to see if we have a chapter close to you and to find out what they’re doing in your community. Wild Ones has chapters in the following States:

Colorado •  Connecticut  •  Illinois  •  Indiana  •  Iowa  •  Kentucky
Michigan  •  Minnesota  •  Missouri  •  New York
Ohio  •  Tennessee  •  Virginia  • Wisconsin

As  an alternative to the links, view the locations of Wild Ones chapters on a map. Discover what’s going on in your area. Click your state or region and see a customized list of Wild Ones activities. And remember, if you join Wild Ones and become a member of a chapter, a portion of your annual Wild Ones membership dues goes to support chapter-organized projects and activities in your community.  Joining a chapter will help you realize the benefits of being part of our very important Wild Ones mission. If you aren’t already a member, join us now.

If you do not find a chapter near you, or if you choose not to be part of a Wild Ones chapter, you may choose to be a partner-at-large (PAL). A PAL is not assigned to a chapter but joins a group of members who work solo in their own communities or simply enjoy the benefits of Wild Ones membership. Either way—as a chapter member or as a PAL, you receive all the benefits of membership.

Start a Chapter

If there is no local chapter, let us know and we’ll help you start a chapter in your area. Organizing a Wild Ones chapter is a great way to get together with friendly, knowledgeable people who share your interest in native plants and natural landscaping.

To get a general idea of how to start a chapter in your area, read our New Chapter Basics. After that, you’ll want to check out the more detailed Chapter Start-up Kit which includes everything you’ll need to really get started.

Here you’ll find step-by-step instructions for starting your chapter, how to plan your meetings, meeting topics, and how to find expert guest speakers for your meetings. We’ll even provide you with sample press releases to help you spread the word about your new Wild Ones chapter.

The Chapter Start-up Kit gives you everything you’ll need to get started, and our National Office will help you through any rough spots. Feel free to call the National Office, 920-730-3986, for more ideas, encouragement, and answers to anything you’re not quite sure about.

Move the Native Landscaping Movement Along

Wild Ones chapters and members are doing many exciting things to help heal the Earth. As time has gone by and the movement has grown, both members and chapters are finding it easier to have an impact on their community’s environment. Read all about what’s going on through our Wild Ones Chapter Comments and our Wild Ones Member Comments

Become a National Director

The role of the national board is to establish the structure of Wild Ones, set its direction, and ensure financial and ethical accountability. The board members are elected by Wild Ones members every other year; it serves by directing management in providing services to members and chapters. Occasionally, there is a vacancy on the board so new directors are appointed by the board. If you are interested in joining the national board, contact the President of the Board.

End of Year Reporting

The following reports are due from each Wild Ones chapter.