National Board Members and Committee Chairs

Wild Ones’ primary goals as an organization are to advocate for native plants, to restore precious ecosystems, and to provide environmental education. We do this by influencing others through networking, educational programs, chapter activities and other events.

Wild Ones as a corporation is managed by its Board of Directors through the assistance of the Wild Ones Executive Director. Directors are elected by the membership and represent the geographic diversity of the organization. Directors must be committed to the mission of the organization and have qualities that enhance the organization‘s ability to achieve its mission.

For contacts in your area, check the chapters page. To contact any officer or for general information, please use our Contact page.

National Board Members

  • Executive Director (920) 730-3986
  • President, Janice Hand (2020) PAL, Montana,
  • Vice-President, Sally Wencel, (2018) Tennessee Valley Chapter, Tennessee,
  • Secretary, Karen Syverson, (2020) Fox Valley Area Chapter, Wisconsin,
  • Treasurer, Richard Sanders, (2020) PAL, Montana,
  • National Board Director, Nan Calvert (2020) Root River Chapter, Wisconsin
  • National Board Director, Denise Gehring (2020) Oak Openings Chapter, Ohio
  • National Board Director, Pam Todd (2018) West Cook Chapter, Illinois
  • National Board Director, Mathew Ross (2020) Oak Openings Chapter, Ohio
  • National Board Director, Janis Solomon (2018) Mountain Laurel Chapter, Connecticut
  • National Board Director, Laura Zigmanth, (2018) North Oakland Chapter, Michigan

Wild Ones Committee Chairs & Coordinators