Past Honorary Directors

Past Honorary National Directors

Wild Ones believes in the importance of recognizing those who have contributed greatly to our mission either through their personal contributions in healing the earth or through advocating for Wild Ones. One way to recognize these special people is to award them the title of Honorary Director. These people have served as a Wild Ones Honorary Director in the past.

  • Thomas Barnes, Professor and Wildlife Extension Specialist, Author and Photographer, Kentucky  (2014, deceased)
  • Joyce Bender, Botanist, Kentucky  (2013)
  • Marc Evans, Ecologist and Author, Kentucky (2015)
  • Bob Grese, Educator and Researcher, Michigan (2017)
  • Bonnie Harper-Lore, Minnesota (2013)
  • Lorraine Johnson, Author, Toronto, Canada (2011)
  • Janet MarinelliAuthor and Editor, New York, 2015
  • Darrel Morrison, Landscape Architect, New York  (2009)
  • Lorrie Otto, Environmentalist and Native Plant Enthusiast, Lifetime (deceased)
  • Sara Stein, Author  (2005, deceased)
  • Lynn Steiner, Author, Photographer, Speaker, Minnesota (2017)
  • Patricia Sutton, Writer, Lecturer, Naturalist, Biologist, New Jersey (2017)
  • Guy Sternberg, Illinois  (2011)
  • Craig TuftsNWF Chief Naturalist, Virginia  (2009, deceased)
  • Andy Wasowski, Author, New Mexico  (2009)
  • Sally Wasowski, Author, New Mexico  (2009)
  • Jerry Wilhelm, Botanist, Research Taxonomist, Author, Illinois  (2015)