Benefits of Membership

Benefits of Membership

Joining Wild Ones gives you access to the camaraderie and information resources of other native plant enthusiasts. A single membership covers both the national organization and your local chapter or partner-at-large (PAL) benefits. Your participation enables Wild Ones to fulfill its mission—to teach about the many benefits of growing native wildflowers in people’s yards. Here is a list of some of your benefits from joining Wild Ones.

  • Wild Ones Journal
  • Wild Ones New Member Handbook
  • Top 18 Journal articles
  • All archived Journals
  • Our publication 25 Years of Wild Ones: Native Plants, Natural Landscapes
  • Wild Ones Facebook discussion group
  • Facebook and other social media features
  • Seeds for Education Grant Program
  • Annual Member Meeting and Conference
  • Wild Ones Membership Identification Card
  • Wild Ones logo
  • Wild Ones Institute of Learning and Development (WILD Center)
  • Many other member-only benefits

If you are a member of a chapter, a portion of your annual Wild Ones membership dues goes to support chapter-organized projects and activities in your community. Joining a chapter will help you realize the benefits of being part of our very important Wild Ones mission.

  • Wild Ones chapter activities and benefits*
    • chapter newsletters
    • monthly meetings
    • seed gathering
    • seed exchanges
    • plant rescues
    • community garden projects
    • plant sales
    • speaker presentations
    • garden tours
    • mentoring
    • seminars
    • conferences

*Each chapter provides its own activities and benefits; varies chapter to chapter.

But you don’t have to be a member of a chapter; you can be a partner-at-large (PAL) and therefore have all the great benefits of membership. Listing of Wild Ones chapters.

All this can be yours for simply joining Wild Ones and becoming part of this great educational and advocacy group for native plants and sustainable landscaping.

Tax Deductible 

All dues and donation payments to Wild Ones are fully tax deductible to the extent of the law for those who itemize.

Wild, Wilder, and Wildest Memberships

Every Wild Ones member is Wild. Whether a long-time member, or first day in the organization, we’re all Wild, and share a strong interest in native plants and natural landscaping.

Wilder members pay extra for their memberships, because they believe in providing extra support to Wild Ones.

And Wildest members are happy to provide Wild Ones with even higher levels of support.

Tangible benefits are the same for Wild, Wilder, and Wildest, but Wilder and Wildest members somehow manage to get the most out of their memberships.

Learn more about our membership options.