Websites to Increase Your Knowledge About Climate Change


Habitat Gardening in Central NY focuses on global warming

From the National Wildlife Federation: Gardener’s Guide to Global Warming, Global Warming Grows Trouble for Gardeners, Signs of Global Warming in Gardens Across the Country, Gardeners’ Role in Reducing Global Warming

Arbor Day Foundation Interactive Map and a Narrative regarding the map

Articles focused prairie plants: K-State Researchers Study Response Of Prairie Ecosystem; In Face Of Changes In Precipitation Variability, Climatic Extremes, Prairies Will Be Hit Harder By Global Warming.

Other Articles: Common Native Plant Of Great Plains May Be Threatened By Climate Change, Annual Plants May Cope With Global Warming Better Than Long-living Species, Climate Change Threatens Pollination Timing

Connect with major environmental organizations and take action on current issues at

TNC has a on-line tool that combines the latest scientific data and climate models with geographic information systems (GIS), statistical analysis, and web-based mapping to show the current situation and 50- and 100-year climate projections related to temperature and rainfall in the entire US and individual states.