Keeping a Journal

Writing About Your Native Landscaping

What Is an Herbarium? Journal article by Katherine D. Rill. You might say it’s a collection of plants, dried, pressed, and glued onto regulation-sized acid-free paper. But it’s even more than that.

From the November/December 2003 Wild Ones Journal. Keeping a Journal by Lynda Gibson Johnson. The pleasures of keeping a written journal regarding your experiences with native plants.

If You Want Your Child to Keep a Journal by Babette Kis. Here’s how to get them interested, and how to keep them that way.

Joy Buslaff’s Yard Tour brochure. Hosting a yard tour? If so, better check this one out. Is it a “reference library,” a “vantage point,” a “dance floor,” a “classroom,” or an “infinite series of picturesque scenes”? It’s all this, and a lot more. It’s Joy Buslaff’s yard.

The Journey of My Journal by Babette Kis, is almost guaranteed to get you started on the right track. Even if you’ve never thought of starting a journal before, this article will have you sharpening up your pencils.