The Grapevine

The Grapevine is one of the longest-running features of the Wild Ones Journal. Written by former Journal editor, Maryann Whitman, The Grapevine touches on environmental issues large and small.

From knapweed nightmares, stopping slugs, and keeping us up to date on Everglades hydrology – to Roundup-ready creeping bentgrass and recognizing our founders – The Grapevine is a Journal “must read.”

The Grapevine: Goodbye. January/February 2016 (pdf)

The Grapevine: Karen Burghardt and Doug Tallamy’s Research. November/December 2015 (pdf)

The Grapevine: Ecological Pathways: Poisonous Slugs January/February 2015 (pdf)

The Grapevine: Use of Controversial Pesticides Banned in National Wildlife Refuges August/September/October 2014-2 (pdf)

The Grapevine: A Word to the Wise….about invasive plants. August/September/October 2014 (pdf)

The Grapevine: Pre-Poisoned Plants. November/December 2013 (pdf)

The Grapevine: Yet another reason to remove buckthorn from wetlands. May/June/July 2013(pdf)

The Grapevine: Study provides first evidence of coevolution between invasive, native species. July/August 2012 (pdf)

The Grapevine: Communication and easy-to-understand explanations are more and more important for Wild Ones January/February 2012 (pdf)

The Grapevine: The Annual Meeting/Conference, don’t blame the bats, and spreading invaders. September to December 2011 (pdf)

The Grapevine: What a thousand acres of Silphiums looked like when they tickled the bellies of buffalo is a question never again to be answered, and perhaps not even asked. Aldo Leopold, 1949.
July/August 2011 (pdf)

The Grapevine: “Should Biological Invasions Be Managed as Natural Disasters?” May/June 2011 (pdf)

The Grapevine: Many of our important food crops depend on pollination, if you like to eat, keep in mind that every third bite you take comes to you courtesy of a pollinator. March/April 2011 (pdf)

The Grapevine: Banned in Connecticut. January/February 2011 (pdf)

The Grapevine: Milkweed for the…birds? September/Decemer 2010 (pdf)

The Grapevine: DNA bar coding of plants.  July/August 2010 (pdf)

The Grapevine: With the third National Pollinator Week coming up on June 22nd, we are reminded of the plight of honey bees, pollinators of one-third of our food. May/June 2010 (pdf)

The Grapevine: Another reason why biodiversity is important. January/February 2010 (pdf)

The Grapevine: Natural areas maintenance. Garlic mustard evolves. Kudzu. And Sally Rutzky’s informative postings. November/December 2009 (pdf)

The Grapevine: Dear Deer: Please go away. Eat somewhere else another day. Some ideas for keeping deer away from your plants. September/October 2009 (pdf)

The Grapevine: Common milkweeds: Insulating and edible. Guide to the Sedges of the Chicago Region. Invasive Plants and Their Native Look-a-likes. July/August 2009 (pdf)

The Grapevine: To bees and other pollinators, green lawns look like deserts. City of Chicago bans invasive species. New book helps identify natives and invasives that look alike. May/June 2009 (pdf)

The Grapevine: Nature lovers livid over words left out of The Oxford Junior Dictionary. Reducing emissions from deforestation can help not only in combating climate change, but can also help the conservation of biodiversity. January/February 2009 (pdf)

The Grapevine: Sustaining life – we need birds, bugs, and bacteria more than they need us. Seeing invasive plants as “eco-opportunists taking advantage of disturbed habitats.” September/October 2008 (pdf)

The Grapevine: Project Budburst is a nationwide volunteer effort to observe buds, leaves, and blossoms on trees as part of tracking climatic variation over time. July/August 2008 (pdf)

The Grapevine: Human biomes. Homo fossils. Bugged bees. Caterpillar memories. May/June 2008 (pdf)

The Grapevine: No Child Left Inside Act. Strengthening and expanding environmental education in America’s classrooms. March/April 2008 (pdf)

The Grapevine: Killing catalog clutter. Ancillary costs of unnatural landscapes. Where are we going, and why am I in a handbasket? Bringing nature home. January/February 2008 (pdf)

The Grapevine: The times, they are a-changin.’ Settling for what you can get. November/December 2007 (pdf)

The Grapevine: Even if you don’t believe in global warming, the planet still needs your help. Revenge of the worm. Smoke on the water. September/October 2007 (pdf)

The Grapevine: Wild Ones presidents. Clusters of flowers and bees. Memorable quotes are best served straight up. July/August 2007 (pdf)

The Grapevine: Do all serious gardening practices still come from Europe? Royal Horticultural Society policy statement. Carbon sequestration. May/June 2007 (pdf)

The Grapevine: Spaceship Earth, plant migration and climate change, landscape patterning, pollinators and dispersers of seed. March/April 2007 (pdf)

The Grapevine: Advocacy at work, Headquarters friends, cypress mulch, Velcro, and the birds and the bees. January/February 2007 (pdf)

The Grapevine: An experimental, genetically modified grass, designed for golf courses, has been found in the wild, several miles from its test site. November/December 2006 (pdf)

The Grapevine: Invasive and destructive gypsy moths fall prey to a “fungus among us.” Homeowners begin to realize that their lawns really do suck (too much water). And does NASA still go where no one has gone before? September/October 2006 (pdf)

The Grapevine: Does early interaction with nature help kids think and cope better? If you don’t like poison ivy now, wait until you hear what happens when it grows in a “greenhouse.” July/August 2006 (pdf)

The Grapevine: Bring the buffalo and native grasses home to the range. May/June 2006 (pdf)

The Grapevine: When frogs are afraid to go into the water, should we be worried, too? March/April 2006 (pdf)

The Grapevine: My cup-plant runneth over. No-till, no problem. It’s all one piece. January/February 2006 (pdf)

The Grapevine: Ringing the alarm for Earth. Web sites found on the way to looking up something else. November/December 2005 (pdf)

The Grapevine: Got milkweed? Benefits of a messy yard. September/October 2005 (pdf)

The Grapevine: Protests of roadside spraying. It’s a small world. An old word in a new context. July/August 2005 (pdf)

The Grapevine: Imagine. Sara Stein Memorial. May/June 2005 (pdf)

The Grapevine: Water you gonna do about it? Looking to identify an insect you found? March/April 2005 (pdf)

The Grapevine: Plant diversity and ecosystem functioning. An absent night-flying pollinator. It may no longer be safe to plant a tree. Waipuna. January/February 2005 (pdf)

The Grapevine – November/December 2004 (pdf)
An extraordinary weed-killing recipe and how to count birds.

The Grapevine – July/August 2004 (pdf)
Conversation with botanist Fred Case, and a look at some of his books.

The Grapevine – May/June 2004 (pdf)
We Are Not Alone. Roundup-Ready Creeping Bentgrass. Odorless, Bugless, and Waterless Grass.

The Grapevine – March/April 2004 (pdf)
Community Outreach. Sharing in the Trenches. Wild Ones Enters the Credit Card Age. Nominate Yourself to the National Board. Knapweed Nightmare. The Biodiversity Project. 2004 Photo Contest. Get a Wildflower Video for “Free.”

The Grapevine – January/February 2004 (pdf)
Stopping Slugs. Some Big Numbers. “Invasive Species” in Washington, DC. Recognizing Our Founders. Everglades Hydrology.

The Grapevine – November/December 2003 (pdf)
Confrontation with Dow’s Confront. Think twice about wild grape. Fire has cleansing properties.

The Grapevine – September/October 2003 (pdf)
Turf or concrete. A weed is in the purse of the beholder. Copyright-free illustrations.

The Grapevine –July/August 2003 (pdf)
Dune restoration. Tug-a-suckle. Recognizing the founding members.

The Grapevine – May/June 2003 (pdf)
Ecoregions and Robert Bailey of the U.S. Forest Service.

The Grapevine – March/April 2003 (pdf)
Making friends and influencing people. Catch-22.

The Grapevine – January/February 2003 (pdf)
The message and the method. And now, for something completely different.

The Grapevine – November/December 2002 (pdf)
Kentucky native plant symposium. Preservation and restoration.

The Grapevine – September/October 2002 (pdf)
Some backyard visits in Columbus, Ohio. Foothills (SC) Chapter presents first symposium. Take a slug out for coffee.

The Grapevine – July/August 2002 (pdf)
Dandelion: Friend or foe? Storing past issues. Gift memberships. Wild Sprouts. Rescue or salvage? Local miracle under the oaks.

The Grapevine – May/June 2002 (pdf)
Michigan wildflower conference. Seeding the snow.

The Grapevine – March/April 2002 (pdf)
We need your input. Children’s wet meadow. Native plants go to school.