Things to Know About Invasive Species

Why We Cannot Ignore Invasive Plants (pdf) From our favorite wildflowers, all the way up to giant oak trees, the very existence of our native plants is threatened by alien invaders.

Dealing with Alien Invasives: Know the Enemy (pdf) Getting to know the enemy is the first step in winning the war.

Garden or Prairie in a Can? Hold It! (pdf) Are you sure that can of “instant prairie flowers” is what you think it is? Wildflower seed mixes include some wicked bloomers. Also see joint Press Release from Wild Ones and University of Washington.

Is it ever safe to use Roundup (or any other herbicide)? (pdf) It’s time to separate the facts from the fiction — the myth from the truth.

GarlicMustard (pdf). It looks like mustard. Crush the leaves and it smells like garlic. Now you know where the name comes from — read on to find out why you don’t want it around.

Buckthorn, Birds & Diarrhea (pdf) Along with its other sins, does buckthorn cause diarrhea in foraging birds?