Great Monarch Activities for Kids!

IMG_6272 Male on Daven's handAirplanes in the Garden
One of the books, the national Monarchs Committee recommended that we make available through our Wild Store is Airplanes in the Garden by Joan Calder.  This award-winning children’s book beautifully illustrates not only the wonders of nature but also the secrets of metamorphosis.  We now have endorsed copies of this book available for purchase. Cost is $22 which includes shipping and handling. Wild Ones did a book review in the Wild Ones Journal.  See Volume 24, Issue No. 5 Page 7.

Monarch Data Sheet & Scientist Name Tags
Recruit all the kids as citizen scientists. These are name tags and activity sheets with instructions on how to enter observations online.

Lesson plan Monarch Life Cycle including a Monarch Activity
Preschool through 3rd grade. Using arts and crafts supplies, children will create a model of the monarch life cycle.

Overwintering Monarch CutoutsOverwinteringMonarchCutouts J.Knight
Print it, then cut off the part with the flower show name, copied at a darker setting, filled in a couple of lines on the third line butterflies. Use them for special events and suggest they be used for schools and summer camp. Then hang them with our Wild Ones display. 

Monarch Finger Puppet
Children can make their own butterfly finger puppet out of orange tissue paper and a chenille stems or by coloring in the drawing below with crayons or markers.

Monarch Coloring Page 1

Monarch Coloring Page 1
(Artist Joan Rudolph)

Monarch Coloring Page 2

Monarch Coloring Page 2
(Artist Joan Rudolph)


Monarch Coloring Page 3
(Artist Amy Wetmore)

A Monarch butterfly finds sweet nectar on a wildflower for its voyage south in the fall.

Monarch Coloring Page 4 (Artist Amy Wetmore)
Common Blue Violets


Here are a few quick links that may be helpful.

Journey North Resources: Check the resource lists for summer, spring and fall. Be sure to check the maps of this year’s migration progress at


And for lifecycle pdfs, monarch monitoring coloring pages, games, etc.