Moving For Monarchs

Moving for Monarchs Gwynedd

Moving for Monarchs (M4M) is a dance, film and photography project to “save the world one butterfly at a time.”  It is the brainchild of free lance ballerina Gwynedd Vetter-Drusch who recently performed at TEDxPlazaMelchorOcampo  Much of the habitat shown half-way through video was filmed at the WILD Center during our Wild Ones annual conference in August 2014.

During August 2014, producer Gwynedd Vetter-Drusch and crew descended on the WILD Center to film a portion of the second segment of M4M “Dance of Life.” Gwynedd dancing on our prairie. Wild Ones is pleased to have been able to participate in the production of the second segment of the M4M production by providing habitat for filming.

The first film “The Awakening: First Flight” tells us it is time to awaken. The world’s majestic monarch butterflies are disappearing. Join the movement to reverse this trend.  This second segment will be a little longer and is scripted to include more people interaction, so it will have the same feel as the M4M Kickstarter video.  That interaction will come from the moves of the dancers through direct interaction with the community event that was held at the  WILD Center.

Move with Us Monarch Move and Dance n’ Plant Events seek to promote monarch butterfly and pollinator conservation through the use of dance.  Drawing inspiration from highly successful examples of social and environmental dance activism, such as the V-Day One Billion Rising campaign (a world-wide dance event in 2013 to end violence against women), M4M offers an accessible, engaging vehicle to reach new audiences with this conservation message. M4M has the potential to mobilize millions, inspiring people to “move for monarchs” by dancing and planting/preserving pollinator habitat.  Move with us.

Wild Ones member Thomas Young was the fortunate winner of one of the grand prizes given to participants involved in activities related to the first film “The Awakening: First Flight”  Read his story and get the inspiration you need for making your move.   Thomas Young’s Wild Ones and the Photographer. We want to share with you the submissions that we have received for this project. Here is a link to one of the videos that we received.  Webster Moves for Monarchs. Joan releasing a monarchPS 84’s Monarch Habitat Garden — a special dance about the life cycle of a butterfly. Here are the photos that we received through the Wild Ones 2014 Photo Contest.

Vicki Bonk Follow the sun

Follow the Sun–Photo by Vicki Bonk


Embracing a Partnership–Photo by Vicki Bonk


Monarch Buffet–Photo by Susan Templeman

Kati-Barricklow Whos-Looking-At-Who

Whos-Looking-At-Who–Photo by Kati-Barricklow

Jessica Walsh Monarch

Monarch Cat–Photo by Jessica Walsh

Gerhard Stegemann Getting started

Getting started–Photo by Gerhard Stegemann

Donna VanBuecken Waiting to Launch

Waiting to Launch–Photo by Donna VanBuecken

Denise Gehring Monarch Release

Monarch Release–Photo by Denise Gehring