Wild Ones Logo Guidelines

The words Wild Ones is the official registered trademark of Wild Ones Natural Landscapers Ltd aka Wild Ones: Native Plants, Natural Landscapes. The words Wild Ones therefore are protected by law, and may not be used by other organizations or entities without express written permission from Wild Ones. The Wild Ones logo represents that official registered trademark and is our public image. It is our brand identity and by using it uniformly, it presents a strong meaningful identity to the public of Wild Ones.

Download Wild Ones National Logo Files


The Wild Ones logo was designed for us by a professional graphic designer who created it to depict our relationship with the Earth. Incidentally, this is the same designer who designed the titles for the movie, “Dances with Wolves.”

The words “Wild Ones” are a registered trademark, thus the registered trademark symbol that appears at the end of the words “Wild Ones.” The words “Wild Ones” in the Wild Ones logo were designed with drawn letters to specifically depict the wildness or naturalness of native landscaping as opposed to the manufacture and manipulation of non-native based landscaping. The line drawn through the bottom of the words depicts the Earth and signifies that we are an integral part of the Earth, like roots deep within the soil. The abstract flower to the left of the words “Wild Ones” identifies us with landscaping and plants, and is meant to be printed in a screened color tone so as not overwhelm the rest of the logo.

  • Positive form (Primary Color Usage): PMS 5747 on a complimentary natural-colored background – preferably white.
  • Positive form: Black logo on a white or complimentary background.
  • Negative form: White reversed out of PMS 5747 or black is not recommended.
  • When using a secondary color for a background, use a natural tone that complements Wild Ones green. See color chips above.
  • All parts of the logo should be printed in the same color, i.e., Wild Ones green, black, white, or in the case of wearable merchandise as outlined below, the original Wild Ones color brown.


Because the stylized words “Wild Ones” in the logo were drawn for specific use only with the logo, they cannot be reproduced to be used by themselves. The flower, however, can be used alone for a multiple of purposes in our promotional materials. For publication purposes, the words “Wild Ones” when used alone should instead be written using a type style no different from the rest of the text in the document. With the first use of these words in the text, it should be written using the registered trademark symbol(®) to its upper right.

To accommodate the rest of the Wild Ones nomenclature, Natural Landscapers Ltd. or Native Plants,
Natural Landscapes, a second line was added to incorporate the words. When a chapter name is added to the logo, it is printed below the second line. Please note that all words and lines should be printed all in the same color, i.e., Wild Ones green, black or white, or in the case of wearable merchandise as outlined below, the original Wild Ones color brown, and in a compatible type style.  As “branding” has become important to the viability and growth of Wild Ones organization, weakening the recognition of Wild Ones logo by using an version other than the full and complete logo is not permitted, except with regard to certain merchandise as outlined below. Here are more important points:

  • The official color of the logo is Wild Ones Green, PMS 5747
  • Use only the furnished versions of the logo. Do not try to re-create the logo. Wild Ones National Logo Files
  • Do not crowd the logo. Do not position the logo so that it touches other elements on your page. Be sure to allow an appropriate amount of clear space on all sides of the logo. Use your best judgment.
  • When changing the size of the logo after placement in a word-processing program, page-layout program, or web page, be careful not to distort the proportions of the logo.
  • Do not attach any other text or any other object to the logo. If such elements are necessary, place them a significant distance away from the logo.
  • Use the logo at a size as large as is appropriate. Place the logo in a prominent location.
  • Do not apply a drop shadow or any graphic embellishment to the logo.
  • Do not alter the logo, even in humor.
  • Do not use the logo on visually competitive backgrounds.
  • When using a secondary color for a background, always try to use a natural tone that compliments Wild Ones Green. See color chips on page 1.
  • Do not use other icons or visuals in place of the flower part of the logo.
  • Do not use the logo or any part of the logo as a bullet in a list of items, or as any other embellishment.
  • Do not use the logo as punctuation.
  • Do not use the logo, or parts of the logo in place of straight text. When using the words “Wild Ones” in text, set the words in the same type style as the rest of that line of text. With the first use of these words in the text, the words should be set using the registered trademark symbol (®) to its upper right.



If you want to emphasize your chapter name in your project, use the Wild Ones chapter logo specially created for your chapter.

Chapter logos are created upon request to Wild Ones National. Do not try to create a chapter version of the logo. Click here to look for the logo files for your chapter. If not available, ask your chapter officers to order a chapter logo set from Wild Ones National.



We encourage all members and partners to include the Wild Ones logo in any project when the use of our logo is appropriate, and when your use of the logo conforms to these logo guidelines. This might include brochures, membership forms, web pages, or any time you might want to be seen as a proud member or partner of Wild Ones Natural Landscapers.


The entire Wild Ones logo, using both lines or only one, can be screen-printed or embroidered wholly in Wild Ones green, black, or white for wearable as well as non-wearable merchandise.

Logo colors for the purpose of screen-printing or embroidering wearable merchandise should be as follows:

  • The words Wild Ones, along with the line representing the Earth, should be limited to Wild Ones green (PMS 5747 or Thread AckP5944), black, white, or the original Wild Ones brown (PMS 731) as outlined in the logo guidelines. Process equivalent, RGB equivalent, and Web Safe Hexadecimal color nomenclatures are shown in the graphic at the beginning of these guidelines.
  • If using the chapter name and the second line, they should also be limited to Wild Ones green, black, white, or the original Wild Ones brown.
  • The entire flower including the stem should be all in one color, either matching the rest of the logo or in a shade of purple (PMS 2587 or Thread Py1810). No other colors are acceptable.

Note: The logo, minus the extra words and second line, is typically preferred for use with wearable and non-wearable promotional items such as t-shirts, cups, caps, etc. for ease of printing or embroidery.  Contact the headquarters office for this one-line logo at marketing@wildones.org

If you have questions, after reading these guidelines, contact the Wild Ones National Office at marketing@wildones.org

Click here to download logo files for Wild Ones National and for Wild Ones chapters.