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Guidelines for Submitting Articles

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The purpose of these guidelines is to ensure the quality of articles published in the Wild Ones Journal, and to help you avoid the disappointment of finding that your submitted articles are unusable. We also want to be sure you know how and where to send your articles to us in a way that will avoid delays and rejections.

Remember that you don’t have to be a professional writer and you don’t have to be a professional in the field of native plants and/or natural landscaping to have your work published in the Journal. We’re very open to submissions from anyone who has something interesting to say on topics that relate to the Wild Ones mission and are of interest to our readers. All we ask is that you submit original material with no copyright restrictions, and that you present your material in a format we can use. Our editorial staff will do everything within reason to help get your work into the Journal as long as you follow our guidelines listed below.


Articles and other material should relate to planning, planting, and/or maintaining natural landscapes or native plants. Articles may discuss their use on private property or in public spaces. Be sure to include Latin/botanical names with all common plant names.

As with all publications, the editor reserves the right to edit all submitted materials. The editor will consult with you on any major edits.

We sometimes ask people to write material for the Journal. In such cases, we still reserve the right to accept or reject the material, and may edit as necessary.

We’re always open to unsolicited material, but we reserve the right to accept, reject, and edit such material.

While we make every effort to get your article into print as soon as possible, the editor retains the right to set publication dates for all articles.

If your material includes copyrighted information, you must furnish the editor with a copyright release from the copyright holder. This includes written material and artwork. All rights revert to contributors.

So that we can consult with you on revises, publication dates, and other questions, be sure to include full contact information, including your full name, address, phone number(s), e-mail addresses, and fax number. Also include a brief statement about yourself, suitable for inclusion in the Journal. If you’re a Wild Ones member, include your chapter name.

Don’t send the only copy of your material. Be sure to keep copies for yourself. Even though we exercise all due care with submissions, we can’t be responsible for loss of submitted materials.

Wild Ones does not pay fees or make any other payments for the use of submitted materials.

The editor reserves the undisputed right to accept or reject all submitted materials.

Address initial inquiries and submissions to Barbara Benish Journal editor, at journal@wildones.org.


We prefer e-mail submissions. Send your material as a Microsoft Word file (or a compatible format) – or include your material in the body of your e-mail. Send to Maryann Whitman, editor at journal@wildones.org.

If you submit your material as hard copy, please type your article in a legible typeface, black print on white paper. Contact the editor at journal@wildones.org for mailing instructions.

We also accept submissions on CD-ROM. The file format must be compatible with Microsoft Word, and must be accompanied by a hard-copy printout.


January/February issue deadline is November 5
March/April issue deadline is January 5
May/June/July issue deadline is March 5
August/September/October issue deadline is June 5
November/December issue deadline is September 5


Complete guidelines for photos and other artwork are available here.