People work together in Columbus, Ohio for Monarchs

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Great news! The Green Columbus organization is creating a Milkweed Trail through Columbus, Ohio on Earth Day. They are offering 250 Milkweed plugs to Columbus area volunteers to plant in community gardens throughout the city. In previous years, Green Columbus has had over 750 people from the Columbus area volunteer for this yearly event. It is inspiring to see so many diverse people, organizations and the general public come together to raise awareness and help Monarchs. Perhaps this idea will spark others to help Monarchs by using the power of the public.

Getting Columbus to allow Milkweed from the City Noxious Weed List to be planted:
Erin Miller – Columbus Mayor’s office, Environmental Steward: added that plants on the Weed List could be used for landscaping  to the Mayor’s website and gave official approval
Candy Sarikonda – Monarch Watch & Wild Ones Oak Openings Region Volunteer: Negotiated final approval with Erin
Alistair Bradley – Friends of the Sawmill Wetlands Volunteer: Worked to get approval
Toni Stahl – Wild Ones Columbus Volunteer and National Wildlife Federation Volunteer: Worked to get approval

Milkweed Trail Project Creation – Green Columbus:
Project idea devised, supported, funded and encouraged by: Danielle Allison – Green Columbus Board Member Volunteer, Tad Dritz – Founder of Green Columbus, Julie Smiley – Green Columbus Volunteer and Green Columbus Donors

Milkweed Trail Project:
Julie Smiley – Green Columbus Volunteer: Coordinate Milkweed Distribution
Bill Dawson – Franklin Park Conservatory: provided contacts and helped Julie determine how to distribute milkweed to the gardens
Chris Kline – Franklin Park Conservatory: working with Julie on how to introduce milkweed into community gardens (vegetables) and to promote idea to ACGA

Nicole Pierron-Rasul – Green Columbus Executive Director: Marketing on Green Columbus website, Facebook & Twitter for Earth week volunteers

Toni Stahl – National Wildlife Federation Volunteer and Wild Ones Columbus Volunteer: worked with Julie to provide information to select the plant, write marketing article for Nicole and provide information between organizations and people
Alistair Bradley – Friends of the Sawmill Wetlands Volunteer: Proofread Toni’s article with approval from Julie and Candy

Candy Sarikonda – Monarch Watch & Wild Ones Oak Openings Region Volunteer: provide information & helped get city approval for milkweed to be planted

Leslie Strader – Columbus Mayor’s Green Team: provide milkweed distribution logistics for city’s community garden day

Milkweed Trail Implementation:
Volunteers: General public from Columbus area plant Milkweed in Community Gardens on Earth Day!


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