Wild Ones Business Directory–New York

Amanda’s Garden

Amandas Garden Logo8410 Harper’s Ferry Rd
Springwater, NY 14560
(585) 669-2275
(585) 750-6288 cell
Habitat Gardening in Central New York Member

Amanda’s Garden Native Perennial Nursery specializes in propagating and growing native perennial wildflowers, ferns, grasses and sedges. Since our inception in 1991, our mission has been to preserve and promote native habitat by creating high quality, healthy native plants. We strive not only to create sustainable habitats, but also to meet the unique needs of our customers. We grow over 150 kinds of native perennials, mostly from seeds or spores which are harvested from plants native to the Northeast and specifically grown for propagation. You can visit them! While at our nursery in Springwater you can enjoy garden tours and hands-on demonstrations.

During your visit you can pick up plants in person. We also ship our plants to addresses in the Northeastern US. Plants are shipped only bare-root and dormant. You can order online from our website or by phone, email or mail order. We can help with plant selection and provide technical assistance as your garden develops. Planting wildflowers and native plants is an ecologically sound practice that allows even the weekend gardener to make a significant contribution to the quality of our shared environment.

The Plantsmen Nursery

PlantsmenNursery_Logo_CMYK [Converted]482 Peruville Rd
Groton, NY 13073
(607) 533-7193
Habitat Gardening in Central New York Chapter Member

The Plantsmen Nursery is New York State’s largest retail grower and propagator of native plants from local seed source. We collect seed of native herbaceous and woody plants—perennials, grasses, vines, shrubs and trees—from habitats in our Finger Lakes Region, and some surrounding areas such as The Adirondacks. We grow native species in various sizes depending on the customer and the need, from plugs to 20-gallon containers. We also source native ferns from a regional NY nursery specializing in fern propagation from spores, and grow them in larger size containers for retail and landscape sales. Our native plants are used on our own landscape projects, and are sold in our retail nursery. We contract grow on occasion.