Seeds for Education Nursery Partners

Nursery Partners Supporting SFE

Each year, nursery partners support SFE by giving advice to grant recipients in their areas. Some partners offer seeds and plants at reduced costs. 

Grant recipients are encouraged to contact the nursery partners for seeds and plant materials. Using native plants and seeds that originated as close as possible to the project site will help ensure success. To see the Wild Ones Guidelines for selecting native plants go to the Local Ecotype Guidelines page. To see what local ecoregion is closest to you go to US Ecoregions Map.

Past nursery partners and their specialties

By participating in the Wild Ones SFE program, our SFE nursery partners demonstrate their commitment to natural landscaping using native plants and to the Wild Ones mission. Many also advertise in the Wild Ones Journal. We thank them for their support!

If you are a native plant nursery or propagator and wish to become a nursery partner, please contact the SFE Program Coordinator through the Wild Ones office at

Grant Recipient Additional Benefits

When the grant requirements are met, including a year-end SFE Report, each recipient receives a Wild Ones yard sign. To see what this sign looks like and to purchase signs visit the store.

We encourage Wild Ones members and others interested in environmental education to learn more about the SFE projects in their communities and to support them in any way possible.