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Celebrate Wild Ones awards 14 Seeds for Education grants

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Photos of Lorrie Otto

Celebrate Seeds For Education Grant Recipients In February 2018, Wild Ones awarded 14 Lorrie Otto Seeds for Education grants to educational projects in 11 states. Judges evaluated 43 applications from 21 states—more than at any other time since the program began in 1997. In total, 253 Seeds for Education Native Gardens and Habitats have been more »


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We went to see the latest Star Wars episode “The Last Jedi” over the Christmas holiday and it brought to mind an article I had read recently about the discovery of the fossil of a horseshoe crab which became extinct 245 million years ago. The fossil, discovered in Idaho, has been named Vaderlimulus after Star Wars’ Darth more »

New Monarch Watch Citizen Scientist Project

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Citizen Scientists Project Monarch Watch is seeking the immediate assistance of hundreds of monarch enthusiasts (citizen scientists) in collecting observations of monarchs in their area during the spring and fall. This project is an attempt to assemble quantitative data on monarch numbers at critical times during the breeding season. The data from these observations will more »

Shady Invader Citizen Science Project

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Editor’s Note: Here is an opportunity for you to be a citizen scientist and learn how to identify the shady invaders. This was brought to our attention by Erynn Maynard, PhD Candidate at Pennsylvania State University. She will be using the data for the next two years. For more information, visit PROJECT BACKGROUND Invasive more »

How Trees Talk to Each Other

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About 20 years ago we logged our hunting property. We chose a local logger who was as sustainably-minded as we were. Although he selectively took out the big trees sought after by commercial enterprise, he also left “mother trees” to help regenerate our forest. I understood the basic concept of the mother trees, but it more »

Grow it! Don’t Mow it

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Bret Rappaport is a past president of Wild Ones and a member of the Lake to Prairie (IL) chapter. This article 1st appeared December, 2014 and because it was popular then we are running it again. The economic progress that followed our Civil War brought ecological regress in its wake. We plowed up the prairies, more »